Ananda Ambrose

Born November 11th, on a Wednesday.

Hair + Makeup Artist. Activist. Mother of Rabbits. 

Cynthia Groseclose

Born November 12th, on a Monday

Food Stylist. Mother. Ocean Worshipper.

I have always really resonated to the things that hold to true to Scorpio - focused, passionate, intuitive. But being a water sign, I have found my love for the ocean is probably what runs the most deep. The ocean influences everything in my life — the things I have in my home, the way I dress, where I live and my close relationships. There is something different about my connections built over a love for the sea.
My love for the ocean influences my aesthetic and work as a stylist. The first words that come to mind are organic and flow. I love creating food for images that tells a story and a story that flows. Food that is natural, organic and authentic. I gravitate to cool tones and things with texture and neutral colors- like the varying shades of gray found in oysters.
— Cynthia Groseclose

photos: Ananda Ambrose by Ian Spanier, Cynthia Groseclose by Kristen Brown